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weight loss boulder, lose weight, health club boulder, fitness center boulder, athletic club, boulder rec center, personal trainer boulder alternative

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Fitness Boot Camp
Give us 5-Weeks to Transform your Life & Body

"Best Workout of the Year" Daily Camera
Yellow Scene Magazine's Best Trainer Award Last 3 Years

Motivation & Support so you show up - Every Day!

Just popping into fitness classes, the occasional Personal Trainer session, or exercising on your own can’t compare to the experience and the results that you will get with Fitness Boot Camp. At Boot Camp you will be a part of a small group, averaging 10 people, each committed to making remarkable change for themselves in 5 weeks. Over the course of the camp you will work together, supporting and motivating each other. With the guidance of your trainer, you will push each other beyond what was previously thought possible – sweating and laughing your way to a new unique bond of friendships.

"I have to give this class one of my extremely rare 10s.
Take this if you are serious about getting in shape. There is no minute wasted.
However, because it's outside and feels like playing, the class leaves you feeling
rejuvenated and eager for the next day."

Aimee Heckel, Editor - Daily Camera

Other fitness programs lack the progressive improvement that a camp series can offer. Boot Camp’s multi-week program was designed to systematically work through all your muscle groups, target cardiovascular performance & endurance while incrementally increasing the intensity of the effort.

We blend the best of  popular training methods and apparatus to create an effective and everchanging program.  In 5 weeks you'll never be bored as we incorporate high intensity interval training (HIIT), Tabata training, Cross Fit, TRX-style suspension straps, training ropes, sand bags, water jugs and pilates & yoga-influenced routines to increase core strength, flexibility and balance.

Boot Camp, though, is much than a fitness class. We are there to support, motivate and educate in class and out. Every few days you'll receive inspiring and informational emails on a variety of subjects from ABC's to Sensible Eating, Snacking for Success to Behavior Modification and Goal Setting Techniques and Training Tips.We'll also provide you with a Food Journal, a 21-Day Meal Plan with recipes, before and after fitness assessments and an optional body composition test and.

Most Boot Camp days are held on a large city park field, but in addition we'll mix it up with 2-3 classes held on a nearby trail.  Our trail days are often our most popular as we progress along a trail stopping every few minutes to regroup for a strength and cardio interval using the outdoors as our virtual weight and training arena.

Your Success is our Success.
You will lose weight, tone up, build your strength and cardio, and look & feel great... and have a BLAST.

We pride ourselves in our exceptional trainers, and are proud to have received Yellow Scene Magazines Best Personal Trainer award the last three years running. You will have the same trainer each day, and they will be intimately familiar with what you are capable of and whether you can take it up a notch or need a modification due to any limitations you might have. Your trainer will create an experience that will both challenge you and is appropriate for your fitness level. In short, Boot Camp is designed for RESULTS and designed for YOU.

Why is Boot Camp so Effective?
Here are some aspects of Fitness For Living's Boot Camp that make it the most effective program anywhere and help ensure that you exceed your goals, aspirations and expectations.

      • Personal coaching . We are there to kick your butt as well as hold your hand. You will receive personal instruction on form and technique, as well as individual attention in regard to your goals you have set for yourself. Boot Camp is personal training at a fraction of the cost of a Personal Trainer session which typically runs $50-$75 session.
      • Goal Setting . Goal setting is important so that both you and your trainer know what you will be striving for. Before camp begins we will have you determine short & long term goals for yourself. You must first know where you want to go, and then we can come up with the plan to help you get there.
      • Personal Trainer Support 7 Days a Week  Boot Camp is so much more than just the time you are in class. We are trying to improve your overall health & lifestyle - from fitness and nutrition to recommended workouts and activities on your days between camps.  We are there for you during class and between classes. If you ever have any questions or need some guidance, your trainer is there for you via email.
      • Fitness Assessment & Measurable Results . We’ll begin and end each camp session with a fitness assessment, benchmarking your:
        • cardiorespiratory fitness
        • core strength and stability
        • muscular endurance
        • flexibility

        You can also choose to include a body composition/body fat test . By camp’s end you will see results – guaranteed!
        Check out our typical .

      • Boulder weight loss and boulder athletic club and boulder fitness center alternative Nutritional Guidance . Nutrition and fitness work hand in hand & create health and well-being. At the beginning of camp you will receive the ABC's of Sensible Eating and a 28-day meal plan complete with recipes for 3 meals a day and 2 healthy snacks.
        Throughout the camp you will also receive informational emails that will provide practical strategies, tips and solid guidance to help you make healthful decisions and to aid you in changing undesirable eating habits.
      • Show & Go Activities    On your 'off camp' days we encourage campers to meet at the same time as camp to get together for an informal hike, bike ride or jog. Show & Go activities increase the fun factor and give you an opportunity to use your ever-improving fitness in an activity you love.
      • You will show up – every day !  We are vested in your success, as well as your Campmates.
      • You’re outside breathing crisp fresh air, marveling at the magnificent view of the Flatirons and mountains. Could there be a better way to start a day?


weight loss boulder, lose weight, health club boulder, fitness center boulder, athletic club, boulder rec center, personal trainer boulder alternativeweight loss boulder, lose weight, health club boulder, fitness center boulder, athletic club, boulder rec center, personal trainer boulder alternative
3 Years Running!
Best Training Award
Yellow Scene Magazine

weight loss boulder, lose weight, health club boulder, fitness center boulder, athletic club, boulder rec center, personal trainer boulder alternative
Chamber Member

Discover for yourself why 70% of Boot Campers are repeat or referrals.

On a recent survey, 100% of Boot Campers said they would recommend the program to their friends.

“I would recommend Boot Camp because I had such good results: by the end of my first session, I cut 53 seconds from my timed mile, I was able to do twice as many push-ups, 20 more sit-ups, and lost about 6 pounds!"
Amy B.

"Boot camp is better than any exercise class I've taken. It's fun being outdoors and getting in a challenging workout. Terri cares about each and every person in the class and works with us to succeed. I paid top dollar for 10 Personal Training sessions a few years ago and didn't even get that level of commitment one on one time with a trainer. Terri is amazing and inspiring and the boot camp process is fantastic."
Wendy King

"Though I am a regular exerciser, this took me to a new level. Before Boot Camp, though I was a runner, I would get out of breath when doing new, fast moving activities. I've really improved my wind and endurance and my overall body feels stronger. This makes me feel more confident about taking on a variety of physical challenges that may come along.

"The class is great! I never realized how weak I was at strength training, so it's good for me to do all the muscle-burning upper and lower body workouts. Thanks! Looking forward to the rest of the classes."


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