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weight loss boulder, lose weight, health club boulder, fitness center boulder, athletic club, boulder rec center, personal trainer boulder alternative

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PowerFit Yoga Camp
A Mind-Calming, Body-Challenging Experience

Yoga Boot Camp.  Yoga Plates classes & yoga studio alternativve.  Boulder, CO Lafayette, Louisville, Longmont, Colorado

"I will remember this class for years to come.
I enjoyed this style of yoga, and even more so, the teacher's energy, attitude and way of communicating. I never had to crank my neck out of a posture to check around me to see if I was doing it right. I pushed myself much harder than I usually do in a yoga class, yet I never felt the least bit strained.

Fitness for Living continues to put out well organized, strategic and thought-out, high-quality programs with memorable, knowledgeable instructors."

Aimee Heckel, Daily Camera Editor

What is PowerFit Yoga

PowerFit Yoga could be the most innovative and dynamic yoga-based program developed. PowerFit Yoga is a unique blend of yoga and conditioning to create a mind-calming and body-challenging experience.

This energetic, fitness-based approach to yoga will increase your strength and endurance, improve your core stability and flexibility, boost your athletic ability and prevent injury, tone and trim your waist line, and rejuvenate your soul and spirit.

Based on a flowing Vinyasa-style yoga, PowerFit Yoga incorporates the best principles of a variety of yoga practices and Pilates. Each class is unique, variety-packed, and designed to challenge a wide range of fitness and yoga levels.

Linzee Klinkenberg  helps Andy Bachmann with his form during class.Linzee Klinkenberg teaches a PowerFit Yoga class at Chautauqua Park in Boulder, CO on August 9, 2012.For a video and more photos of PowerFit Yoga, go to www.dailycamera.comCliff Grassmick  / August 9, 2012 Modifications are given in most postures to either deepen for the advanced practitioners or ease into for the beginning student. Your growth in practice will be enhanced by optional hands-on adjustments and coaching from an experienced yoga instructor.

On some days, our flowing yoga sequences may include dumbbells and deeper and longer held poses to test and condition one’s cardio, endurance, core, balance and range of motion… all seamlessly done with mindfulness, breath and intention of our practice.

Each day is different with fresh new challenges. The quick pace of our flowing poses will elevate your heart rate, boost your metabolism, burn up to 500 calories, and strengthen and stretch every muscle from head to toe.

Plus, PowerFit Yoga is held in the beautiful Colorado outdoors (April – October). After you greet the morning with a true sun salutation under the glow of the Flatirons your entire day will feel energized.

"We all look forward to class each time because we know it will always be different. Robyn offers an enormous palette of variations for each pose and nurtures an environment in which we all feel perfectly comfortable with whatever modification we choose."

"I absolutely love this class. Linzee is amazing. She is so welcoming and friendly but once the workout starts the woman holds nothing back. This is the toughest , most rewarding yoga class I've ever attended."

More than a Yoga Class - A 5-Week Life Transformation Program
PowerFit Yoga Camp goes far beyond just our classes. We have designed a comprehensive 5-week program that will support your growth in yoga practice, instill healthy nutrition and eating habits, and help you develop a more balanced lifestyle. Here are a few things you can expect from Fitness For Living during your camp:

      • Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle email series, 2-3 per week
      • 'Yoga Poses of the Week' tip sheets to reinforce your learning during class
      • 28-day meal plan complete with recipes for 3 meals a day and 2 healthy snacks
      • Simple tips and guides to create a more intentional and healthful life

"I love the combo of strength-training and yoga poses. I like working out with weights while doing yoga. I can feel my muscle groups getting stronger, allowing me to do more each week despite previous pre-yoga injuries."
August 2011

Is PowerFit Yoga for You?

PowerFit Yoga is ideal for all ages and spans the spectrum in regard to yoga experience and fitness level. PowerFit Yoga is perfect for:

      • Newcomers to yoga eager to experience the benefits of yoga
      • Advanced yogis looking to deepen their practice and boost their fitness
      • Fitness Boot Campers looking for the ultimate health transformation. PowerFit Yoga with Fitness Boot Camp creates a powerful and safe 5-day program (for only $60-80 you can add Yoga to your FBC)
      • Stressed out moms, dads, students and business persons
      • Those looking for an exercise program without running or impact
      • Athletes wanting to complement their workouts and prevent injury
      • Anyone hoping to alleviate back pain, lower blood pressure

" I loved this class. It was challenging, but not impossible, and really helped me kick off my pursuit of getting back into shape. Being outside to do yoga is heavenly. My metabolism kicked into high gear once I started this class. It definitely helped my flexibility and helped balance my back challenges."

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PowerFit Yoga Benefits

      • Calms the mind
      • Enlivens the spirit
        Energizes & conditions the body
      • Relieves stress – a natural detox to cleanse your body, mind and spirit.
      • Natural weight loss
      • Improves posture, body awareness and alignment
      • Develops better flexibility, balance and coordination
      • Alleviate or reduce back pain
      • Lower blood pressure

"My flexibility has certainly increased. I do feel like I have more energy now than before I started bootcamp/powerfit yoga. My balance has improved and my core is much stronger than it was before."    Brent

Ready to Try PowerFit Yoga? It is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Try a free trial week and get a taste of the PowerFit Yoga experience.
2. Register & jump right in. Relax knowing that Fitness For Living offers a full refund of all fees
    paid if not satisfied for ANY reason.
3. Bring along a friend or two and save. For each friend you register with will save you $35.

Yoga Boot Camp.  Yoga Plates classes & yoga studio alternativve.  Boulder, CO Lafayette, Louisville, Longmont, Colorado Exceptional Instructors. Small Groups

Forget the packed health clubs and yoga studios with 30 people fighting for a spot on the floor – let alone receive personal and hands-on guidance. PowerFit Yoga classes are small, averaging just 8 students. Our instructors are highly trained yoga professionals that are exceptional at creating an experience appropriate for each individual. They are there to help you with your posture and alignment and to motivate you to go that extra 10%. Your instructor is there for you in class and out – feel free to contact them by email anytime you have a question or concern.

Our Location
During our outdoor season (April-September), our PowerFit Yoga Camp enjoys Boulder's most spectacular Flatiron views from Chautauqua Park. 

When the chill of winter hits the Rockies we move to an indoor location from October - March.

Meet your Instructor

Annette Bray - Fitness Boot Camp Trainer & PowerFit Yoga Instructor

Annette has been helping individuals achieve greater wellness and fitness for over 15 years. She has a B.S. in Kinesiology, is a 200-hour certified Anusara yoga instructor, is certified through the American Council on Exercise and the American College of Sports Medicine, and is a certified Strength and Conditioning specialist.

After completing her Kinesiology degree, she worked in clinical rehabilitation for 6 years where she gleaned special insight into the biomechanical issues that limit our ability to move freely and without pain. Annette then broadened her professional endeavors during another 6 years working in corporate and community fitness centers where she helped hundreds of clients, from the novice exerciser to the aspiring athlete, achieve their health and fitness goals.

Personal life experience brought her to the place of seeking another tier of wisdom: the interweaving of the physical and emotional body. Her study of yoga began in 2009 with Jeanie Manchester and the alignment focused study of Anusara, which was nothing less than transformative.

She would describe herself as a "nutty outdoor enthusiast" with a highly kinesthetic approach to life! Her love of Mother Nature often leads her through the wilderness on a backpack trip, a mountain bike ride or a climb up a rock.

For our unique Boot Camp and PowerFit Yoga programs, Annette brings together her diverse skills and know-how so you can enjoy a personal experience that will challenge your body, calm your mind, and enliven your spirit. Join her and get ready to change your life!

"Annette's individual attention and her concise corrections are invaluable. Her knowledge of the human body is incredible."

"I think we all look forward to every class and I've noticed that everyone leaves with a huge smile on their face. Annette's humor is infectious and always helps us to get through another 10 seconds."

Debbie M

weight loss boulder, lose weight, health club boulder, fitness center boulder, athletic club, boulder rec center, personal trainer boulder alternativeweight loss boulder, lose weight, health club boulder, fitness center boulder, athletic club, boulder rec center, personal trainer boulder alternative
3 Years Running!
Best Training Award
Yellow Scene Magazine

weight loss boulder, lose weight, health club boulder, fitness center boulder, athletic club, boulder rec center, personal trainer boulder alternative
Chamber Member

"Linzee incorporates exercises that engage the entire body in ways that I'd never experienced before, and which result in astonishingly rapid improvement. Do I have any regrets? NOT ONE. Would I do it again or recommend it to others? YOU BET."
Rebecca D

“Fun, varied, high-energy workout in a supportive atmosphere that really gets results! I recommend this class every chance I get!"

“There is much more personal instruction from Linzee than in other classes. I like that we're with the same group of people and instructor throughout the session, and that we build on what we've already done to become stronger.”

"My clothes are fitting differently, I am way stronger and I have a lot more energy and spirit throughout the day. I feel a lot more confident about my abilities and have noticed I have a lot more confidence in general. I don't feel as old and a co-worker told me just the other day that I actually look younger since I have lost weight and have more bounce in my step."

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4 Distances: 33-100 miles


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